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Emerald Valley Arts, spearheaded by 37+ year artist John Tribolet, provides quality, professional services for most of your graphic art and screen printing needs. A few examples of the services that I provide are: Logo Design, Custom Screen Printing, Business Forms & Stationary, CD design, Product Packaging, Photo Manipulation, T-Shirt / Sportswear / Uniform Design, Poster Design, Signage, Mural Painting and much, much more!

I have an extensive list of current and former clients & customers. I've done work for many, MANY Small Businesses, Local Schools to Major Universities, Entire Cities (from Sports Leagues to Meter Maids), Law Enforcement (from Local to State), Major Corporations (Cisco to MTV), Govt Agencies (from the FBI to NASA to Lawrence Livermore Labs), Record Lables and Recording Artists (Metallica to Grateful Dead), Non-Profits (from Disaster Relief to Red Cross), Activists (from Earth First! to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society) and so on.

Many celebrities have also enjoyed my work, including Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Bill Graham, Ken Kesey, Martin Scrosese family, Captain Paul Watson, the Barbi Twins, Wavy Gravy, Sherman Hemsley, Digital Underground, Stevie Nicks, Ram Daas, Richie Havens, Neil Young and David Raitt, to name a few.

I only take on a very limited number of clients which gives you more personalized service.   I also won't take on a project that I cannot do extremely well or have done by the deadline that it's needed.   If I think that I'll have ANY problem delivering quality results, I'll simply tell you up front.   Most clients have told me that I go "above and beyond" their expectations.

Click HERE to take a look at a few examples of my work and HERE to see the several hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. Then Contact Me so that I can start on your important project!

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